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Prompt is a young electrical engineer, Inventor, futurist, philosopher, psychologist, therapist and student at Suankularb Wittyalai and JSTP(Junior Science Talent Project). His work ranges from the Turnin'(Dr.Voravit Kosalatip as his mentor)to a homemade cleaning robot.

I was born on September 18th 2002. As a child I had a fascination with science and technology, the very thing that made me who I am today. I went to primary school in 2009 at Assumption college primary. There i began studying in regular program from grade1-3. Then I changed my program to English Program. I then began my love for being creative and thinking different, however this does have a backlash. I wasn’t accepted by my friends that much as they were envious of my creativity, but I tried my best to work with everyone since I believe team work is important and humans are social animals. I entered plenty of speech competitions and even got first place on one(which is about St.Louis Grignon De Montfort).
On one faithful day after slacking off in a math class and getting lower grades in math, my mother forced me to study mathematics by myself. At first i hated it yet later i began to feel fascinated by numbers. I finally realised my purpose in this world is to become a physicist and change the world. The date of that faith shaking day was January 4th 2015. I celebrate that day by doing problems about the most advanced math concept that i know of that year.