Werasak Surareungchai

Co-founder  Director  

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Biosensors and bio-diagnostics using nucleic acid and/or antibody that have been researched and developed by our group during the last decade aim to achieve high sensitive detection and some cases with simultaneous/multiplexing detection. Such a successful challenge would bring us to many applications such as pathogens that appear in diseases, food, and environmental, and other biomarkers; and further leading to simple means of detection or being useful in resource-poor settings. Basically, our works the high specific and sensitive detections can be achieved via labeling techniques in DNA hybridization and antibody-antigen interaction. Labels based on nanoscale materials open a new opportunity over the traditional methods – in terms of greater reporting signal per binding event. We have been able to lower the limit of detection (LOD) of <1 fM for DNA and <1 fg mL-1 for antigens or < 5 CFU mL-1 for bacteria, without using PCR or other methods of non-electrochemical amplification. In addition, some possibilities on high-throughput simultaneous assays have been attempted and reported. The talk will describe some our approaches towards development of labels using nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and metal nanoparticles. Last, the talk will also present some applications.