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2018 – Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel Urban Media Art Kitchen, Berlin (Emoti-khon)

2017 – ISWC' 17, Hawaii  (Hormone Couture)

2017 – IEEE VIS' 17 (Guest), Arizona (Genomix Mask).


2017 - The winner of the Urban Media Art Academy Bangkok by Goethe-Institut : Emoti-Khon project

2017 - The top 3 winner for the experiment in space proposal call by National Space Exploration,Thailand :  Personalized Food Fabrication Project.

2017 - The finalist of the best design exhibition at ISWC'17 : Hormone Couture


2017 - MIT Media Lab Biosummit

2017 - KMUTT science colloquium

2017 - ADM symposium, School of Arts, Design, and Media - NTU


2018 - International Space Exploration Forum (ISEF2)