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Our researh group focus on the intersection of biotechnology and digital technology to solve the word’s most pressing challenges. Biodigital group explores the challenges and potential of creating bio-digital interfaces and tools for engaging with the space of computation, it is important to also look inside at the biological process of human body to further the exploration. By doing this, we are blurring the line between living matters and non-living matters, which create an ethical question around the issue of exploitation and bioethics.




Prototyping the Impossible

Pat explains the process of rapid prototyping, and how a series of simple steps can help you bring the wildest ideas to fruition.
Pat Pataranutaporn is a creative biologist, artist, innovator and undergraduate student within Barrett, the Honors College and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Arizona State University. His work examines a range of topics, including environmental biotechnology and interactive media at the intersection of biodesign, futurism, and computation.

Biodesign, Culture & Technology

Smitt Loha-Unchit was presenting his paper at the symposium being held at School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore during 20 – 21 June 2017. The symposium is held under the name “Innovation, Biodesign, Culture & Technology”. “Invention and Design” is the topic of the paper that our Principal discussed about during this symposium.

Bio HCI : Wearing Bio Data, Printing Food with Mind, and Modifying Lifeform through Voice!

We propose the Bio-HCI framework, that focuses on three major components:biological materials, intermediate platforms, and interaction with the user. In this context, “biological materials” is meant to broadly cover biological matter (DNA, RNA, enzyme), biological information (gene, epigenetic), biological process (mutation, reproduction, self assembling), and biological form.

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